How can I find my username?
If you want to find your username, click on "Settings" and in the lower part of the screen you will see your player ID consisting of numbers and letters. If for any reason the application does not load and you are on the loading screen, the user ID will also appear in the lower part of the screen.
Currently, this name cannot be changed. We will let you know if this option becomes available.


How to play and download the various video bingo games
When you download the App you will be able to access various video bingo games. By updating the App, you will also be able to access new games in future versions.
How to win the Jackpot
To win the Jackpot you must win bingo with 30 balls, i.e. complete a board without using any extra or Manny balls.


I've bought coins but I've not received them
Bear in mind that your purchase might take a few minutes to be added to your wallet. If this happens to you, let us know so that we can try and sort out the issue for next time. Send us an e-mail to mybingo@socialgamesonline.io explaining the issue.
If you've bought coins and not received them, there might have been a problem in the payment process. Contact us now, providing the requested information, depending on where you made the purchase:
  • Android Application. Tell us your username, what you were purchasing and also the GPA number that is sent as proof of the transaction that you received from Google Play.
  • iOS Application.. If you made the purchase through iOS you must contact this platform, as we cannot manage their transactions. The following are the steps for filing a claim:
    1. Open iTunes and access your account.
    2. In the menu bar on the upper part of the screen or in the upper part of the iTunes window, click "Account" and then "See my account".
    3. On the Account information page, scroll to Purchase History. Click on "See all" on the right of the most recent purchase.
    4. To consult the purchase information, click on the arrow to the left of the order date.
    5. Explain the problem you've had by clicking on "Report a problem". You'll find this option below the details of the selected purchase.
What payment methods can I use?
You can get more coins for more fun through the payment methods available to your Google Play or App Store account.


How can I get coins?
You can get free coins in the following ways:
  • Daily bonus.Manny guards your daily bag of gold. The more days you log in in a row, the bigger your bag will be!
  • Bonus every 3 hours. When 3 hours have gone by on the stone clock, your bag of free coins will be ready to continue your adventure.
I've seen the video, but I've not received the coins
To get the coins, the video must be played in its entirety. If you decide to stop watching half-way through you will not receive any coins. If you have seen the whole video and you have still not received the coins, keep in mind that sometimes this can take a little time.
If you have not received the coins after a while, you can contact us by e-mail: mybingo@socialgamesonline.io.


I can't find the answer to my question
If you're looking for help with a problem or question and haven't found what you were looking for, send us an email explaining the issue to mybingo@socialgamesonline.io.