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How can I find my username?
If you want to find your user ID, click on the Options button, and in the lower part of the screen you will see your player ID consisting of numbers and letters.
Currently, this name cannot be changed. We will let you know if this option becomes available.

How can I link my account to Facebook?
If you want to link your account to Facebook in order to have more benefits, like saving the progress of your account if you change or lose your device, you just have to click on the Connect with Facebook button that appears when you enter the App; or if you are already in the App, just click on the Options button and click the button that appears just above your user ID.


The game is divided into two main modes: Bingo 75 and VideoBingos.

How do I play Bingo 75?
In Bingo 75 you can play with between 1 and 4 cards. And you can play in different rooms where each card has a different price. The higher the price of the card, the larger the Bingo prize you can win.
In terms of how the game works, when you enter a room and select the number of cards that you want to play with, a countdown timer begins. When it gets to zero, you will enter the game.
Once you are in the game, the bingo balls will start to fall. Every ball has a line indicating which row of the card that number is on. This helps you quickly see whether or not you have that number. You mark the card with the numbers as they come up.
When you have a complete line on a card, you have to click on the BINGO button at the bottom of the card. BE CAREFUL! If you click BINGO in error, you will lose the option to continue the game with that particular card.
Finally, the PowerUps can help you win a game.

What are PowerUps? (They are only available in Bingo 75 mode)
PowerUps are bonuses that help you win a game of Bingo 75. They can be activated once the lightening bolt on the right side of the screen is completely full. To activate it, you just have to click on it, and a random PowerUp will be activated from those you have available.
There are different kinds of PowerUps: Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common.
Keep in mind that when you are going to enter a Bingo75 game, that is, when you enter the room where you want to play, and before selecting how many cards you want to play with, you have the option to buy PowerUps. If you wanted to buy a PowerUp you would have to do so before selecting the cards, otherwise the countdown to start the next game would begin and you would not be able to buy PowerUps.
If you want to know how each PowerUp works, go into the App, specifically to the store, and click on the Packs section, where you’ll see a PowerUps Info button on the upper left.

How do I play VideoBingos?
When you download the App you will be able to access various video bingo games. You just have to select which one you want to play and remember that every VideoBingo has a different betting range.

How can I win the Jackpot?
To win the Jackpot you must win bingo with 30 balls, i.e. complete a board without using any extra or Manny balls (you must get a Bingo with the first 30 balls).

What are challenges? (They are only available in VideoBingos mode)
Every day from Monday to Sunday there are between three and six challenges to pass! You do not need a minimum bet to participate.
Every challenge has its task and individual REWARD. Remember that they must be passed within 24 hours because they change the next day.
If you complete ALL of the day’s challenges, your reward will be bigger! Specifically, you will get an additional reward that may vary depending on the difficulty of the challenges for that particular day.

How can I get the additional reward?
You can only get the additional reward if you’ve passed ALL of the day’s challenges before time runs out (24 hours). The additional reward will vary depending on the difficulty of the particular challenges.

How do I start a challenge?
To do a challenge you simply have to enter your favorite VideoBingo game and start playing.

Where can I get information on challenges?
At the bottom of the main VideoBingos screen there is a menu with the challenges, including the following information:

  • Find out about the different tasks you have to do to complete the challenges and the reward for each one.
  • Monitor the challenges that you complete.
  • Know how many you have left to get the additional reward.
  • Collect the reward from the challenges that you complete.
  • Check how much time you have left to complete the daily challenges before they are refreshed.


I've bought coins/PowerUps but I haven’t received them:
Bear in mind that your purchase might take a few minutes to be added to your scoreboard. If this happens to you, let us know so that we can try and sort out the issue for next time. Send us an e-mail to mybingo@socialgamesonline.io, explaining the issue.
If you've bought coins/PowerUps and not received them, there might have been a problem in the payment process. Contact us now and provide us with the following information, depending on where you made the purchase:

  • Android Application: Tell us your username, what you were purchasing and also the GPA number sent as proof of the transaction that you received from Google Play.
  • iOS Application: If you made the purchase through iOS you must contact that platform, as we cannot manage their transactions. The following are the steps for filing a claim:
    • Open iTunes and access your account.
    • In the menu bar at the top of the screen or at the top of the iTunes window, click "Account" and then "See my account".
    • On the Account information page, scroll to Purchase History. Click on "See all" on the right of the most recent purchase.
    • To see the purchase information, click on the arrow to the left of the order date.
    • Explain the problem you've had by clicking on "Report a problem." You'll find this option below the details of the selected purchase.

What payment methods can I use?
You can get more coins or PowerUps so the good times can continue to roll through the payment methods available in your Google Play or App Store account.


How can I get coins?
You can get free coins in the following ways:

  • Free daily bonus: Each day you’ll get free coins by playing cards. After the 5th consecutive day of logging in, you will no longer play cards and start playing roulette to get more coins… So the more consecutive days you log in the more coins you’ll get!
  • Free bonus every 3 hours: You’ll get 10,000 coins every 3 hours. What are you waiting for? Collect them now!


I can't find the answer to my question.
If you're looking for help with a problem or question and haven't found what you were looking for, send us an email explaining the issue to mybingo@socialgamesonline.io.